Thursday, July 21, 2011

Preparing for our European Cruise

So now that things are going very well for my family we are planning our 14 day European Cruise. This is going to be a blast for all of us. We cant wait to see Italy, France, Monaco and so many other places. After this trip is our family trip to Ireland. Being able to travel again is such a great feeling.  It has taken some time but by February 2012 I will be 100% debt free. I do not rely on credit cards to get those things I need, nope...if I want something I save and pay for it out right. Such a great feeling to OWN everything and not still owe the bank. Making my way up the Corporate ladder is such an amazing feeling.

We will be paying for this cruise with CASH, not putting it on a credit card and dreading when the bill comes in. Each year I take my sons on a 10 day vacation and it feels great to be able to do that for my family. This years vacation was to Colorado to see my Second to the oldest deploy to Afghanistan, not the vacation we really wanted but my sons know that I will be there for them ALWAYS. My sons mean everything to me.

My older 3 have all graduated from High School and on the own now so only having 1 son at home allows us the freedom to do more. I sometimes had a hard time knowing that in just 3 years my youngest will be graduating High School as well and I wont have any kids at home anymore - YEAH!!! Dont get me wrong I love my sons but it is time for me to enjoy life and not continually raise children. I am almost 43 and so thankful that I will be done raising kids before I am 46. Who wants to be so old when their kids are done with school that they themselves cant enjoy retirement. Thankful I had my kids when I was younger. I have 1 granddaughter that is such a joy to have around from time to time. My oldest son has full custody of his daughter and I am so proud of him for stepping up and being such an amazing Father to her.

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