Friday, July 29, 2011

My youngest turns 16

So seriously where did the time go? My youngest just turned 16 today. It is so unreal that my baby is at driving age already ha! He is going into his Sophomore year in High School, and is already close to 6' tall too. So he is not my baby anymore ha!
He gots lots of stuff from the family today. Even though Greg is so far away in the Stan he told me what he wanted to get him and I went and picked it up. Needless to say Trevor had an AMAZING 16th Birthday. He wanted to have dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings so that is where we went. He got a Hard Drive for his new XBOX 360, XBOX Live with a nice headset, several games and of course the all time favorite - MONEY lol. All in all it was a great day for my youngest son. I am so proud of all my sons, that have all grown to be such amazing Men.

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