Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Military Mom

I wear no uniform -- no blues or greens -- but I am in the military, in the ranks rarely seen.
I have no rank upon my shoulder.
Salutes I do not give, but in the military world is where I live.
I am not in the chain of command; orders I do not get.
But my son is the one who does, this I can not forget.
I am not the one who fires a weapon, who puts his life on the line,
but my job is just as tough, I'm the one left behind.
My son is a patriot, a brave pride-filled man.
And the call to serve his country not all can understand.
Behind the lines, I see things needed to keep this country free.
My son makes the sacrifice, but so does the rest of his family and me.
I love the man I call my son. Soldiering is his life.
But I stand among the silent ranks know as ........ The Military Mom

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