Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Broken Build: Romantic Suspense & Techno Thriller Book Review

All too often you get a book and just have such a hard time finding the time to sit down and read well Broken Build by Rachelle Ayala will leave you sitting in that chair reading her book until you are finished.

Broken Build is about Jen Jones who is a software programmer, but her programs keep failing, or creating "broken builds". She has a rocky criminal past that she is desperately trying to keep quiet, but her ex-boyfriend's brother isn't making it easy. Jen Jones is an engineer with a new body, a new degree and new job. She also has a dark secret. Dave Jones is CEO and founder of the exciting new start up company that Jen has a job at and unbeknownst to him, a past connection to Jen. Jen is talented and Dave needs her to get the business going, but a hit and run accident triggers a whirlwind of events that not only endangers the builds but also their lives. During the twists, turns and endless confusion, of who is pulling the strings behind the scenes and why they would ever want to torture and hurt either of them. Never knowing who’s going to show up, no matter where she goes Jen lives in fear of what it going to happen next. Living with the guilt of her secret, feeling the weight of it on her shoulders when she allows the comfort of Dave’s arms to console her. People are getting killed, for what she has no clue, but knows she could be next.

I highly recommend getting her books. She is an excellent author and you will surely be missing out if you dont bring her in your home.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chronicles (iOS app) Review

Do you know how you’re spending your time? Do you feel like you have a good organization system but still can’t get everything done? Well, that is what I had going on. I just couldn't understand why I wasn't getting things done when I "thought" I was better managing my time. So, when I had the chance to review the Chronicles app I who excited. It did take a bit to get it downloaded but once I got it all installed it worked great.

The Chronicles app can be used on both the iPhone and iPad (if you zoom to 2x). I usually used it on my iPhone, though, since I always have it with me whereas my iPad is with me a lot of the time but not all of the time. The biggest issue where I was having time concerns was my computer time. Obviously as a blogger I do spend a fair amount of time on the computer. The problem doesn't lie in my work per se, but the fact that I don’t focus on just my work and tend to do many other things while I’m working on things for my blog. It is really easy for me to get caught up on Facebook when I plan on getting on there to network to start chatting with people, visiting other groups, pages, etc. Before I know it, I've been on Facebook for an hour. Again, I end up spending time on the web I didn't intend to spend! Without a visual reminder like the Chronicles app, though, I realized it was happening, but I didn't know how extreme the problem was.

I have tried using various stopwatch and timer apps in the past, but nothing has been as feature rich as Chronicles! The chronicles feature allows you to store all of this information if you choose so you can refer back to it when needed!

For more information or to download for yourself go to Chronicles.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Financial Self Defense Program (Integrated Financial Education Series)

This eBook is an excellent resource to begin getting a handle on you finances. 

This book is straight forward and easy to ready. It helps provide guidance to help you navigate the world of finance. This book takes the martial arts approach to survive and be happy. It leads you through three steps to achieve both.

1. Set your objective
2. Make your plan
3. Implement your plan

It also links you to several resources to get more indepth information on a subject or help you complete each step. Steve Kanney has done the leg work for you. Just follow these steps and the resources he's provided and you will be confident to manage your own finances with success.

Steve is offering this educational program for free from his website at It is also available here: 

Don't let the fact that it is free fool you, it is a valuable resource!
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Giving Back to your Community

Now that my children are grown up (my youngest will be 18 in a couple month) I asked myself what I could do for my community. I did a lot of research and found some amazing programs here in Flagstaff that I could join to give back to my community.

First is the Coconino County Citizens Police Academy -The program is designed to promote awareness and understanding of what local law enforcement agencies do, thus fostering a partnership of trust and shared responsibility between interested law abiding citizens and law enforcement. This class was absolutely amazing. I spent every Wednesday night and some Saturdays in this class and learned so much. The instructors are absolutely amazing, full of information and beyond helpful. These men and women who taught the class took time out of their own schedules to be with us during this 10 weeks.

Next was CERT - Community Emergency Response Teams. This class taught us how to prepare for Natural Disasters as well as helping our Community. This class is a 20 hour class that is taught on a Saturday and Sunday. The CERT members in Coconino County play a vital role in emergency responses. They regularly help staff information call centers during emergency events. They also help educate others in the community about emergency preparedness

My next class starts in a couple weeks and is the Citizen Prosecutor Academy. Attendees will learn how criminal cases are handled from intake/grand jury through trial to appeal. They can also expect a lecture presented by the Medical Examiner and a presentation about the Department of Public Safety Crime Lab. Participants will gain a behind-the-scenes understanding of real-world prosecution and law enforcement.

This Fall I will also be taking Search and Rescue. The Coconino County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Unit is a volunteer arm of the Sheriff's Office involved in performing the Sheriff's statutorily mandated function of conducting or coordinating search and rescue operations within the county. They have all types of areas that we can help in:

SAR Teams.

The members of Coconino County Search and Rescue are made up of teams, each performing specialized mission tasks managed by the Sheriff's Office.

Anyone joining Coconino County Search and Rescue Flagstaff Unit, Inc. becomes a General SAR member. With the completion of training and 1 year of service, the General Member receives a Wilderness Search Tech I Certification.

The Technical Rescue Team specializes in High Angle Rescue situations. Members train to receive a Rock Rescue Certification.

Coconino County has a large range in elevation ranging from the deserts north of Sedona to the highest point in the Arizona, Humphrey's Peak with an altitude of 12,633 ft. Home to a ski resort and great winter outdoor opportunities, situations arise where a team trained to perform in adverse winter conditions at high altitude is often required. Members of the Alpine team train to receive a Snow and Ice Rescue Tech Certification.

Northern Arizona does not have many large rivers like other parts of the State, but Swift Water Rescue incidents can develop in many of the washes and small rivers due to flash floods.

The CCSAR Mounted unit operates independently of the CSAR Flagstaff Unit, Inc. under a Sheriff's Deputy who manages both the SAR and the Deputy Mounted Unit.

Search dogs are a valuable resource, being well-suited for most all SAR missions and bringing unique capabilities to our SAR Unit's toolbox. CCSSAR includes a NASAR certified SAR K9 Team consisting of Area, Human Remains Detection and Trailing canines.

Now that I have graduated 2 of the classes I have already started to give back. I did my first ride along with Flagstaff PD last night. Going out on calls was a true eye opener on what our officers truly do every single time they are on shift. The amount of paperwork alone they have to do is so time consuming and I expressed my ideas to the Officer I was working with to try to help cut down on some of that and to try to make their lives just a little easier so they can spend more time helping others verses all the paperwork that is required.

I plan on volunteering with Flagstaff PD as often as I possibly can and I hope that once you read into what this classes are about that you too will look and see if your community has these courses available to you. It is time that we give back to our community and lets all help to make it a better place to live. I will eventually get certified to be in the Mounted Unit as well as the K9 Team for our local Search and Rescue.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keep the Love Affair with your Clothes Going with Woolite!

I recently received an awesome package, thanks to being part of the Crowdtap community!  I received samples of Woolite Keep the Love Affair with your Clothes Going with Woolite!
every sample contains a $1 coupon inside!  Yep so if I enjoy this product that’s a lot of coupons, right?!?  Well, not for me I shared the samples I wanted to get an opinion from everyone else!  I always provide my opinion, what about everyone else?  However, I did keep two for me!
Lets see, I provided everyone I work with a sample of the Woolite Everyday, waited about a week for them to have a day off to do laundry, lol.  Who wants to do laundry on a workday, not this mom!
So when I handed out the samples everyone was super excited, everyone loves freebies!  Another thing I heard was, “I didn’t realize Woolite made laundry detergent.”  I simply explained the product a little and asked that they give me an honest opinion after they used.
Well today was the day for feedback, everyone enjoyed their free samples.  I did not hear one negative remark.  I heard several different things, such as:
  • “It worked awesome, I think my jeans are darker.”
  • “I loved the way it smelled.”
  • “Smelled amazing and got my jeans nice and clean.”
  • “I don’t think I will have to dye my jeans to get the color back anymore.”
  • “I really like it.”
  • “I would have to use it more, however I am going to buy some because if this works its going to save me so much money.”
  • I love that this product can be used in both front loan HE machines and older traditional washing machines.
Everyone seemed to be happy with the product and when I asked if they would buy Woolite Everyday, everyone agreed they were definitely going to buy it.  They all wanted to see what the long-term results would be.
So what did I think?
Here we go, I have to be honest I LOVED IT!  I would have to agree with my co-workers, I want to try it longer to see what long-term results are.  However, it smells good and cleans well too!     This is going to be a money saver on my dark clothing that normally fades fast.  I also like the way my cloths feel, sometimes after using a product to help stop fading, my cloths feel, don’t really know how to explain it.  I guess you could say like there’s a residue on them, maybe?  Something like that, they don’t feel clean and I hate the way it feels so I don’t use it.
After using Woolite, I did not feel that on my clothing.  My clothes were soft and felt great, and smelled good too!  I do suggest trying Woolite Everyday, don’t torture your jeans, love them with Woolite which doesn't cause fading!
Thanks Crowdtap for introducing me to Woolite. I look forward to using Woolite on all my clothing to see what long-term results are!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bible Gifts Certificate Review



"You Name in Bible Verse Certificates are beautiful, personalized, custom-printed certificates that combine an individual’s name, a couple’s name, or any message with an inspirational Bible verse for each letter of the name(s). Each certificate is individually produced and unique. They are 8 ½" x 11", are currently available in over 20 different styles and retail for $12.95 each. Your Name in Bible Verse certificates can be ordered in English (King James Version) and Spanish (La Biblia de las Americas).The first and last name of the person is at the top of the certificate, in a lovely script font. This could also be the first and middle names, two first names, or any message up to twenty letters and spaces long. The name(s) repeats vertically along the left side in a bold serif font, and each letter becomes the first letter of a different 2-line bible scripture to the right. The names are separated horizontally by a lovely graphical element. The entire acrostic is finished off and nicely balanced by a quote of Deuteronomy 6:5 positioned at the lower right. There is a broad range of paper styles available for the certificates, so regardless of the occasion one is likely to find one they like. There are styles appropriate for babies/christenings/baptisms, birthdays, weddings, graduation, Christmas, Mother's Day, pastor or church volunteer appreciation…just about anything. They make a wonderful all-occasion gift. Bible Verse Gifts offers a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. There is nothing more personal than someone’s name. Your Name in Bible Verse certificates are a wonderful way to share the Word, and keep it in view.


WELL... that’s easy! Since these are great for all of kinds of occasions for example: Christian, babies, baby, christening, baptism, birthday, wedding, graduation, Christmas, Mother's Day, pastor, church volunteer, appreciation, gift, present. So Head on over to Bible Verse Gifts and check them out, order you a couple. And also don’t forget to like Bible Verse Gifts on Facebook make sure you tell them Strong Army Mom sent you! They are available in English and Spanish. You have over 20 different styles to choose from! While at the same time EACH certificate is unique! I personally like the Angel Certificates!

Certificates fit nicely into 8 ½" x 11" certificate frames, 10" x 13" frames (matted to 8" x 10") and 11" x 14" frames (matted to 8" x 10"). All these sizes are commonly available, and can be purchased for very reasonable prices at Wal-Mart, Target, Michaels, and many other stores.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Caregiving Manifesto Ebook Review

Caregiving Manifesto

I had the opportunity to review Dana's Ebook on her life as a Caregiver to a Quadriplegic. Too often people take life for granted and don't even stop to think what others go through on a daily basis. For Dana and Michael their daily lives are always a challenge but their love for each other goes beyond words.

Dana gives us a look into her daily life and her struggles but also her joy of spending each and every day with the love of her life.

This one passage in her book really had me laughing:

"One time, Michael had to have an ultrasound to check his bladder.
The nurse escorted us to the room and closed the door.
We looked at the examination table that was easily at my chest level, and we were like, Hmm.
I squatted, put one arm under his knees and one arm under his should and picked him up, and then bent myself backward and tossed him.

He made it.
Thank God.
Or that could have potentially been a whole 'nother CAT scan/MRI situation.

This one passage really made me see how it didn't matter what life throws at Dana - she will get through it one way or another, it also had me laughing as I was picturing her doing this because she knew she had to get him on that table somehow.

This book will bring you to tears in some areas and laughter in others. The challenges Dana faces each and every day gave me such a renewed look on life. Thank you so much for the opportunity to review your book. Please take a moment and read her book, you will not be disappointed one bit. God gives those special people that extra strength to get through each and every day and I know God is personally taking care of Dana and Michael. God Bless you two!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dry Idea Advanced Dry Review & Giveaway

Dry Idea has had some great products in the past. The latest product is Dry Idea Advanced Dry Women's deodorant. It is Hypoallergenic with Vitamin E! I love a product with any extra vitamins etc... for soft skin! 72 hour protection with a fresh scent. For any woman (or at least most) we are always trying to find products that work great and save time and money! With 72 hour protection, that is a time saver! If you win the giveaway, that is a money saver too!

One reader will win 3 free product coupons for Dry Idea Advanced Dry deodorant!

Dry Idea Advanced Dry is available in:

Roll On:
Hypoallergenic with Vitamin E
Fast Drying
Silky Smooth Feel

Clear Gel:
No Residue Formula
Extra Effective

You can find more information at and they are also on

Now for the giveaway! Three winners will receive a free product coupon for Dry Idea AdvancedDry. To enter leave a comment letting me know which type and scent you would like to try. I will use to pick three winners from the comments.

This giveaway ends on Valentine's Day February 14th 2013 at noon MST. I will email the winners shortly after and they must reply within 24 hours with mailing information. Good Luck!

Disclosure: The product or products mentioned above have been provided for the review by the company listed. No other form of compensation was received. The opinions expressed in this review are my own