Sunday, February 10, 2013

Caregiving Manifesto Ebook Review

Caregiving Manifesto

I had the opportunity to review Dana's Ebook on her life as a Caregiver to a Quadriplegic. Too often people take life for granted and don't even stop to think what others go through on a daily basis. For Dana and Michael their daily lives are always a challenge but their love for each other goes beyond words.

Dana gives us a look into her daily life and her struggles but also her joy of spending each and every day with the love of her life.

This one passage in her book really had me laughing:

"One time, Michael had to have an ultrasound to check his bladder.
The nurse escorted us to the room and closed the door.
We looked at the examination table that was easily at my chest level, and we were like, Hmm.
I squatted, put one arm under his knees and one arm under his should and picked him up, and then bent myself backward and tossed him.

He made it.
Thank God.
Or that could have potentially been a whole 'nother CAT scan/MRI situation.

This one passage really made me see how it didn't matter what life throws at Dana - she will get through it one way or another, it also had me laughing as I was picturing her doing this because she knew she had to get him on that table somehow.

This book will bring you to tears in some areas and laughter in others. The challenges Dana faces each and every day gave me such a renewed look on life. Thank you so much for the opportunity to review your book. Please take a moment and read her book, you will not be disappointed one bit. God gives those special people that extra strength to get through each and every day and I know God is personally taking care of Dana and Michael. God Bless you two!

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