Wednesday, May 18, 2011

T-shirt's Cheeky Monkey Review

I love wearing t-shirts, so much so, that I prefer to sleep in them. 100% cotton t-shirts are so breathable, so moveable that I don’t feel like I’m getting ‘strangled’ while wearing them to bed. What I like even better are t-shirts with cool logos or slogans on it. Check this one out:

This is known as the Cheeky Monkey, printed by T-Shirt Isn’t it cute? I like the pink and yellow monkey! I also like that it’s a 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt, which means I can wear it to hang out, do laundry, sleep-in and other stuff, as well…I LIVE in t-shirts! This monkey didn’t come off after washing and drying several times already…SCORE! The point of this cheeky monkey t-shirt is to show that quirky, fun t-shirts can be just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away when you work with! You can order from 12 to 100,000 custom designed t-shirts, with quality products and quality customer service!

Friday, May 6, 2011

When your son deploys

How does one really cope when their son is about to deploy? Especially with the recent events. Not a moment goes by that I dont say my prayers that Our Heavenly Father will watch over him and his entire unit, that they all come home safe.
I have been so blessed in my life to have such an amazing family and wonderful sons.
My 3rd son is about to Graduate High School and that leaves only 1 child at home. My youngest will be 16 this summer - where did the time go. I think of all I am going to be able to do once all of my sons are out on their own - TRAVEL!!!
I have a wonderful job that has given me so much growth in life. I have everything that I have ever wanted and more. God truly has blessed me.
Please take a moment and say a prayer for our Soldiers that are protecting our country that they all come home to their families safe and sound.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bryton Floss Pick Review

BrytonPick makes cleaning between teeth easy, fast and discreet

Designed, developed and tested by dental professionals.

Solution for on-the-go or alternative for those that are unable to floss

Made of flexible stainless steel and plastic holder

Blunt cleaning edges are thin as the finest floss (0.0019")

Re-usable up to 30 days (germ-resistand stainless steel).

Cleanse with napking or water. Store in its cary-pouch.


A: BrytonPick is a string-free, portable and reusable dental space cleaner. The flexible edges are as thin as dental floss. Designed for use after every meal, BrytonPick brings relief to an everyday problem by easily removing food stuck between the teeth. Also, it replaces all improvised and un-hygienic "items" used in an attempt to remove pieces of food from between teeth, such as: paper clips, business cards, matches, or finger nails.

Q: WHY THE NAME BrytonPick?

A: The name BRYTON represents smart interdental cleaner to “brighten” peoples smile.


A: It is impossible to treat and prevent periodontal disease without perfect oral hygiene habits, which include cleaning interdental spaces after even the smallest meal.


A: 1.Keep the mouth open in a smiling position. 2. Gently insert either-end between teeth. 3. SLIDE between teeth INSIDE - OUT. Check How to use it.


A: BrytonPick is both safe and hygienic.

Though BrytonPick is very easy to use, it normally takes several tries to learn the best angle for proper use of the product. During the learning process it is possible to "paper" cut your lip. After practice you will be able to “Bryton” in matter of seconds and you will be less likely to cut yourself than with traditional dental floss or toothpicks.


A: Yes. The flexible stainless steel edges are inherently germ-resistant. BrytonPick can be cleaned with a tissue, napkin or hot water. After each use BrytonPick should be returned to its carrying case for continued use.

The product is reusable for up to one month (30 days). Length of use usually varies from person to person and is dependent upon the shape and size of spaces between teeth. Generally, we recommend that the instrument be replaced on a monthly basis in order to ensure safety and cleanliness.


A: BrytonPick is designed for use after every meal discreetly - anytime and anywhere. BrytonPick’s one-handed use requires no mirror or water. Whether you’re in a restaurant, at the office, at school, or traveling.


A: For Teens and Young Adults, BrytonPick is a chic product that makes necessary oral hygiene quick, effective and socially acceptable.

People with braces will find BrytonPick incredibly easy to use. The device can slide from behind braces, making it the perfect oral hygiene solution. It is also great for wearers of Invisalign, since it’s portable design allows the user to clean interdental spaces after every meal.

Adults who are always on the go will find an easy, discreet way to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Seniors who have arthritis or suffer from limited mobility will find comfort in the simplicity and easy one-handed use of BrytonPick

I have been using the BrytonPick for a couple weeks now, and I love it.

It is very easy to use, and fits nicely in my purse.

I hate when I go out to dinner, and eat something that gets stuck in my teeth (steak is one thing!!)

When I am done eating, I can run to the ladies room, and take care of any unsightly ick in between my teeth.

The BrytonPick comes with a cute little pouch to protect it from germs.

This is a great little tool to carry with you where ever you go.

You can get the BrytonPick on their site, or at many different pharmacy's like Walgreens and CVS.

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