Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I received the most amazing gifts from my sons today. My oldest son got me this cute monkey:

And my next to the oldest who is in the Army got me these beautiful flowers.

Their cards made me cry. I hate having my 20 year old away from us but know he is doing something he loves and he is so proud to be serving his country. So many have questioned and belittled my parenting but you know I am a great Mom - shows with my sons. My oldest is an amazing father to his little girl- he has custody of her so that must say something about what I showed him as a mother and always putting your children first before any other. My next to the oldest is serving our country - that alone says alot and my 17 year old, who is graduating High School this year, is maintaining straight A's and will be graduating with Honors - beyond proud of him and my youngest who is disabled and who has had to tolerate so much mistreatment from men - he too is succeeding in life. They are where they are today because of this Mom who always put them in front of everyone else, loved them unconditionally, never judging. That is what being a true parent is all about.

So this has already been a wonderful Valentine's Day for this Mom.

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