Saturday, February 19, 2011

Being a Single Mother

You know you have done something right when you raise 4 boys on your own and they all turn out to be wonderful young Men. My oldest has custody of his daughter (not easy for Men to do), my next to the oldest is serving our country in the Army, my third son is graduating High School in June of this year with A's and 1 B and has already applied to college. My youngest who is almost 16 is disabled and he too is doing great. He has a job and is beyond proud of himself as I am of him.
So the next time someone wants to judge my parenting skills - Look what I accomplished on my OWN.
I have lived with(married 1) a couple of men who were very abusive, physically and mentally and those who would not be faithful. I do not need those kind of people in my life. One good thing that came out of my experiences was it made me a stronger person. My boys are still living with the abuse they too endured which has made them stronger Men, knowing how to treat a woman properly

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