Monday, February 14, 2011

Sitting and waiting for the news

It is never easy having your child leave and join the military but no matter what we have to support them. Well, yesterday I get a call from my son that while he was out in the field for training, shooting his machine gun, his ear protection fell out and he still has no hearing in his left ear. He reported it and will be monitoring him for another 48 hours to make sure there was no permanent damage. If course he didnt want to say anything to anyone because he was in fear he would get an immediate discharge from the military. My son has always, as long as I can remember, wanted to join the Army to honor his Grandfather. He plans on making this a career and for that I am beyond proud of him.
So now I just sit and wait and see what happens with his hearing.I pray that God watches over him and protects him at all times. The day is drawing closer to when they all leave to head to Afghanistan - just not sure how I will handle that.
Please say a prayer for each and every one of our Sons/Daughters/Husbands/Wives that are currently serving our country that they will all be safe from harm.

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