Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Proud of my Sons

I am so proud of all of my sons. My oldest has custody of his daughter and he takes amazing care of her. He is such a wonderful father, always puts her before any other. My granddaughter just loves her Daddy. I love it when they come to visit.
My next to the oldest is in the Army and is about to deploy to Afghanistan. Which of course has been rough on all of us. He has always wanted to go into the Military - just like his Great Grandfather and knows that he is watching over him. While he was in Basic a good friend of his past away and that has still been very hard for him to handle. He has been through so much and he is not yet 20. He tells me all the time that he got his strength and ambition from me and that I am a wonderful mother. That is so great to hear from your children since there are those days that you are so tough on them and think they will hate you for life - ha! BUT just the opposite with my children. They now see why I was so hard on them.
Their father was rarely in contact with them so that left me to take care of them - ON MY OWN! I dont need a man in my life to feel I am worth something. I have achieved so much and have not needed anyone to get me to where I am today.
My next to youngest son will be graduating High School this year with all A's & B's so you see why I am so proud of him as well. He will be going off to college in August so that will be tough having another child leave home but I know they will be successful no matter what they chose to do in life. I will always support my sons - never degrade them because that is not what a true parent does.
My youngest is a Freshman in High School so he will be with me for a few more years. He is already 5'9. It is so amazing how fast they all grow up.
I enjoy each and every day I get to spend with my children and now my Granddaughter. As much as I love spending time with her there is no way I would want children at my age - LOL. I love the fact that I wont be anywhere near 50 and all my children will be grown and on their own and then I can enjoy life to the fullest.
Wonder what my house will be like quiet LOL

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