Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's to a Wonderful and Amazing New Year

As we bring in the new year I am preparing to see my son go back to his Duty Station. I have mixed feelings about him being in the Military especially when so many of our soldiers are still being deployed. My son loves being in the Army so I have to support him. I have always supported all of my sons in the decisions they make in life. Sometimes as a mother you may not like what they have chosen to do but you have to stand behind them no matter what. I am so proud of Greg and not a day goes by that I dont tell him that. He has turned out to be such an amazing son. When he got here to visit for the Holidays he immediately went and purchased himself a very nice truck. The look on his face when he was able to pay cash for his truck and get new tires was priceless. Of course the dealership tried to sway him into getting an expensive vehicle but he stuck to his decision of not wanting to get into payments and was paying cash. It may not be a brand new vehicle but the one he got is great. It is a 4x4 truck that will get him around since he is living in an area that gets lots of snow.
Tomorrow he leaves to head back and I know it will be tough on all of us. Not sure when he will be able to come back to visit but I am already planning my next trip out there to see him. I have never done so much traveling in my life ha! Road trips are so fun now.
Say a prayer to all of our sons/daughters/husbands/wives that are currently serving our country that our Heavenly Father will keep them all safe.

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