Monday, September 24, 2012

National Consumer Panel HomeScan

Sign up with National Consumer Panel and voice your opinions to help manufacturers and retailers make decisions on what products to develop or improve. The National Consumer Panel home scan is accepting applicants for a very limited time! If you are accepted you will receive a scanner which you will use to track the different groceries and items you purchase and bring into your home. In exchange for doing this, you can earn some great prizes such as electronics, toys, gift cards and more. Not everyone gets accepted, so if you do, be sure to give it a try! You can always return the scanner if you choose to no longer participate. And it is totally free!

 Go here to apply. Let us know if you get accepted!

I have been with NCP for almost a year and my boys even love scanning their purchases the moment they get home. Not everyone gets accepted as it all depends on the area you live in but it is worth it to give it a try.

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