Saturday, March 17, 2012

So thankful for my year and its just started!

2012 has just begun but it has been an amazing year for my family already.

After 8 years with the company I work for I received a very nice bonus and was able to purchase a new vehicle and pay cash YEAH!! and I received my nice raise too. No more car payments for me. This feels so amazing to not have any more monthly bills and to have a brand new car as well. Having money in my savings too has truly been such a blessing. No more worrying how I am going to pay my bills. Now I pay them and still have well over a paycheck left over.

I do not believe in Credit Cards. I feel if I dont have the money in hand to purchase something then I really dont need it.

Just got myself the New Ipad too. Got each of my sons a Flat Screen TV for their rooms as well as a new one for our livingroom and one for my room too. Next we are looking at a new Livingroom Set.

My son will be home very soon from Afghanistan and we are planning a nice vacation for when he is home for his visit. He really wants to go to Las Vegas since he will be 21 and I told him where ever he wants to go we will go.

My baby sister is getting married and I have the privilege of being their Photographer. With my bonus I was able to buy a very nice high end camera and am so excited. I have started a couple new hobbies since my boys are older now and finally have "ME" time. I have also started Cake Decorating and have been very busy doing cakes for so many people. It is so nice to hear how well my cakes have turned out - all are home made from scratch - nothing from a box.

My family will be taking several trips this year. Our first one is for my sister Bachelorette Party in Vegas - really looking forward to that trip. The next trip will be to see my son arrive back home from a Year Long Deployment to Afghanistan.

Hard to believe we are in March and so many great and amazing things have happened for our family already. God sure does take care of those who live their lives honestly and truly believe in him.

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