Friday, July 27, 2012

Woolite Don't Torture Your Jeans Product Review

I recently received an awesome package, thanks to being part of the Crowtap community!  I received samples of Woolite Don’t Torture Your Jeans, every sample contains a $1 coupon inside!  Yepie so if I enjoy this product that’s a lot of coupons, right?!?  Well, not for me I shared the samples I wanted to get an opinion from everyone else!  I alway provide my opinion, what about everyone else?  However, I did keep two for me!
Lets see, I provided everyone I work with a sample of the Woolite Don’t Torture you jeans, waited about a week for them to have a day off to do laundry, lol.  Who wants to do laundry on a workday, not this mommy!
So when I handed out the samples everyone was super excited, everyone loves freebies!  Another thing I heard was, “I didn’t realize Woolite made laundry detergent.”  I simply explained the product a little and asked that they give me an honest opinion after they used.
Well today was the day for feedback, everyone enjoyed their free samples.  I did not hear one negative remark.  I heard several different things, such as:
  • “It worked awesome, I think my jeans are darker.”
  • “I loved the way it smelled.”
  • “Smelled amazing and got my jeans nice and clean.”
  • “I don’t think I will have to dye my jeans to get the color back anymore.”
  • “I really like it.”
  • “I would have to use it more, however I am going to buy some because if this works its going to save me so much money.”
  • I love that this product can be used in both front loan HE machines and older traditional washing machines.
Everyone seemed to be happy with the product and when I asked if they would buy Woolite Extra Dark Care, everyone agreed they were definitely going to buy it.  They all wanted to see what the long-term results would be.
So what did I think?
Here we go, I have to be honest I LOVED IT!  I would have to agree with my co-workers, I want to try it longer to see what long-term results are.  However, it smells good and cleans well too!     This is going to be a money saver on my dark clothing that normally fades fast.  I also like the way my cloths feel, sometimes after using a product to help stop fading, my cloths feel, don’t really know how to explain it.  I guess you could say like there’s a residue on them, maybe?  Something like that, they don’t feel clean and I hate the way it feels so I don’t use it.
After using Woolite, I did not feel that on my clothing.  My clothes were soft and felt great, and smelled good too!  I do suggest trying Woolite Extra Dark Care, don’t torture your jeans, love them with Woolite which doesn’t cause fading!
Thanks Crowdtap for introducing me to Woolite and thank Woolite for giving me something to Love my jeans and not cause fading, I look forward to using Woolite Extra Dark Care on all my dark clothing to see what long-term results are!
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